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Grades 3, 4 & 5 along with Teen Leadship Camp stopped for lunch and some fun playing soccer, football & frisbe this noon time on the way to..

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Choreography Camp
August 4-8 from 8a to Noon
Open to gymnasts ages 7 & up who have completed at least Intermediate level recreational gymnastics…

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Try an early morning Group Ex class!
Tuesday morning classes include Zumba at 5:15a, Indoor Cycle (outside) at 5:15a and Yoga at 6:15a. We’d..

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Evening Group Ex Classes include Group Kick at 5:15p and Zumba at 6:30p! Join us!

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We post lots of photos of our Preschoolers having fun. But a very important part of their day is Nap Time. We enjoy watching them sleep as much..

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