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Welcome Back

COVID-19 Building Policy for Youth Sports – Updated 11/16/2020


  • All spectators, members, and participants are MUST wear a face covering when entering the Old Town-Orono YMCA.  We ask that the face covering is worn for the entire length of your visit unless you will be participating in a vigorous physical activity in which you may pull the mask down.
  • Please help us in keeping our facility numbers within in the mandated amount by showing up no sooner than 5-10 minutes before for the scheduled time.
  • Drop off for this program will occur outside of our building.
  • Please enter through the main doors of the building.
  • Everyone entering the building will be temperature checked
  • Once your temperature has been taken everyone will be expected to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.  A pump is located at the desk and on the wall.


  • Please help us in offering this event with the lowest risk possible.  There will be NO SPECTATORS for this event.
  • Everyone entering our building is asked to comply with social distancing regulations of 6 feet from other individuals unless from the same family unit. (Family Unit= lives in same household)
  • Waiting at pick up/ drop off in the main hallways or tracks is not permitted.  Drop off and pick up will occur outside of the building.
  • There is no seating available in Peterson Gymnasium or Turf at this time.


  • All are expected to wear a face covering upon entry.
  • Participants will be asked to wear their face coverings at ALL times.  Masks must be worn at all time no matter if the activity is vigorous or not. 
  • We ask that everyone use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before and after use of the facility.


  • All staff/ volunteers will be expected to wear their mask for the duration of their shift.


  • All members, participants, and spectators MUST wear a face covering when exiting the Old Town Orono YMCA.
  • All members, participants, and spectators are asked to sanitize their hands when leaving the building.
  • Please maintain social distancing while exiting the building.

Updated 11/16/20

June 1st: We are excited to announce that the Old Town – Orono YMCA will be  opening our doors for our members on June 15th!  Upon return, members will notice several changes and safety protocols that have been put into place in the facility and programs. Some of these changes include temperature and health checks for all members and staff upon entry to the building and utilizing different entry and exit points for use of the facility, a reservation system, adjusted hours of operation and more.   Deb Boyd, YMCA CEO says “We are thrilled to finally be reopening the Y!   We have spent the last several months making many changes to ensure our member’s safety is our number one priority. Our goal is to see that our facility will meet the highest standards for hygiene and safety, and we have modified our policies and programs to facilitate safe physical/social distancing practices.  While things will feel different, we can’t wait to have our members back!”    

For a detailed list of expectations and changes for each department please click here.

Areas of the building that will reopen are the Fitness Center, Therapeutic Pool for lap swim and group exercise classes, Basketball and Racquetball courts as well as the Indoor track. Shawn Fournier, YMCA Membership Director says “To best manage the number of members in the building at one time as well as ensuring our stringent cleaning procedures, we are asking members to please call ahead to reserve a time to come to the Y.  Each area (excluding the indoor tracks) will require a reservation as they will have limited times and availability. Reservations can be made by calling our front desk at 827-9622 from Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. ”

Fournier adds “We really missed our members! It’s been hard to be away from the people we care about. We know this shutdown time was necessary and we thank everyone for persevering and doing their part to stay safe but we are excited to finally start this new chapter with our Y family.  We may have our masks on, but you’ll know we’re smiling from ear-to-ear because  our members are finally here with us!”  Welcome back!   

For more information regarding hours of operations, services that are available, or to make reservations, please contact the Old Town Orono YMCA at 207-827-9622.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 5:30 0 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday 8:00 am – 1:00 p.m.

Member Access

All members will be required to reserve a time for the following activities: group exercise classes, workout center, lap swim, racquetball courts and basketball courts. To reserve a time please call the front desk 827-9622. If you are unable to make a reserved time please call and let us know to open up this spot for another member.

  • Land Group exercise will continue to take place outside with weather permitting.
  • Fitness center will have a limit of 10 members working out at one time. 1 hour slots are available (members can reserve 2 hours back to back but will leave for 15 minutes to allow for cleaning). Some cardio equipment has been relocated to the Adult Gym to allow for proper social distancing. Entry will be through the main entrance. From 7:00 – 8:00 a.m. the workout center will be reserved for seniors and individuals that are considered high risk.
  • Aqua Group exercise will return with a limited capacity of 15 participants. For the aqua group exercise classes click here. Entry will be through the field house doors.
  • Lap swim will take place in the main pool. 45-minute slots available. One swimmer per lane. For available lap swim times and detailed information on lane reservations click here. Entry will be through the field house doors.
  • For use of the basketball courts we ask that you please bring in your own ball for use.

The following areas will not be available for members during phase 1: locker rooms, batting cages and climbing wall.

Preparing for your visit

  • All members are required to sign an updated waiver prior to coming to the facility or on your first visit back. Click here for the newest Member and Participant Waiver.
  • All members, staff, and visitors will be checked with an infrared thermometer. Those with a fever of 100.4 or higher will not be admitted. This information will not be recorded.
  • Disinfect bottles and towels will be handed out at the front desk when you enter the building. Members must also:
    • Wash hands before and after working out.
    • Disinfect all equipment before and after use.
  • Masks are required to be worn at all times while visiting the YMCA except while using the pool. If you forget your mask, there will be some available at the front desk for a purchase of $1.00.
  • Social distancing, a minimum of 6 feet, is required at all times. When engaging in physical activity, state guidelines are advising a minimum distance of 14 feet from others.

Cleaning Protocols

YMCA staff will be cleaning the facility throughout the day including high touch areas of traffic, equipment and bathrooms.